What does Theobro mean?

A man who is conservative and debates Christian theology

A Theobro is a term used to describe a male, likely evangelical, who is passionate about debating Christian theology with others, usually on platforms like Twitter. This term is a fusion of “theology” and “bro.”

The term began to circulate widely in 2021, particularly amongst Twitter users engaged in theological discussions. Theobro was invented as a derogatory label for domineering conservative Christian men.

Generally, Theobros are known for their argumentative nature and a lack of openness to differing viewpoints. Their main focus is to impose their beliefs on others via social media.

These individuals often adhere to conservative evangelical viewpoints, such as complementarianism, strict creationism, and opposition to LGBTQ rights. Furthermore, it’s common for Theobros to either have traditional wives, referred to as tradwives, or to be in search of them.

Example for using ‘Theobro’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that new guy on Twitter? He’s such a theobro! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Oh no, not another one! What’s he arguing about this time? πŸ™„

He’s going on and on about Christian theology and how everyone else is wrong. It’s exhausting! 😫

Ugh, those theobros never seem to listen to anyone else’s perspective. They just want to preach their own beliefs. πŸ™„