What does Thundersnow mean?

A thunderstorm with snow

Thundersnow is a unique weather event where a thunderstorm includes snow. This phenomenon is quite unusual as it needs specific conditions to occur. It requires temperatures that are cold enough for snow to form, but also warm enough to create thunder and lightning.

Thundersnow typically occurs in regions that experience sufficiently cold weather for snowfall. This might be places like the northern states in the U.S. Nevertheless, certain southern states, such as Arizona and Florida, have also had encounters with thundersnow.

Thundersnows are common during the transition of seasons, like from fall to winter or from winter to spring. This is when there’s a mix of cold and warm air. Despite this, thundersnows can also occur during the winter season, particularly during intense weather events like blizzards, bomb cyclones, and nor’easters.

Example for using ‘Thundersnow’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that crazy weather today?

Yeah, it was wild! I heard there was thundersnow!

Thundersnow? What’s that?

It’s when a thunderstorm happens with snow! It’s like thunder and lightning, but with snow instead of rain.