What does TLTR stand for?

Too long to read

Ever come across the term ‘TLTR’ and wondered what it means? Well, simply put, ‘TLTR’ is a shorthand notation that stands for ‘Too Long To Read’. It’s a quick and informal way of expressing that a certain piece of content like an article, blog post, or book is way too lengthy for someone’s liking or interest.

Picture this, you’re browsing online and you stumble upon an interesting article but it’s several pages long. You might just comment ‘TLTR’ to express that you don’t have the time or patience to read something that extensive. In other words, ‘TLTR’ is a common saying when someone is too lazy to read a long piece of text.

Also, ‘TLTR’ is often used in situations where you wish there was a shorter version of the content available, like a summary or a movie adaptation. So, if you see a lengthy novel and rather watch its movie version, you might label the book as ‘TLTR’.

Now, the next time you see the term ‘TLTR’, you’ll know exactly what it means. It’s a handy piece of internet slang that’s all about the length of content and the reader’s willingness (or lack thereof) to go through it.

Example for using ‘TLTR’ in a conversation

Hey, did you read that article about climate change?

Nope, TLTR πŸ™ˆ