What does TMSF stand for?

Too much science fiction

When someone tells you ‘TMSF’, it’s their way of saying you’ve been diving into “too much science fiction”. If you’re sharing some far-out future tech ideas online, and someone comments ‘TMSF’, they think your ideas are a little too unrealistic.

But ‘TMSF’ isn’t just for others. Sometimes, people use ‘TMSF’ to confess they’ve been engrossed in too much science fiction. So, if a buddy messages you saying “I’ve been reading TMSF; suggest a good non-SF book”, they’re asking you to recommend a book that isn’t science fiction.

Example for using ‘TMSF’ in a conversation

I just finished reading this amazing science fiction novel. The future technology in it is mind-blowing! πŸš€

That sounds interesting, but be careful not to read too much TMSF. Some things are just not possible. πŸ˜…

Haha, you’re right! Sometimes I get carried away with all the futuristic ideas. πŸ€“

It’s okay to enjoy some TMSF, but maybe you should also try reading a good non-SF book. Any recommendations? πŸ“š