What does Tnx mean?


Tnx is a quick, informal way to say “thanks”. It’s often used in online chats or text messages, and is a short form of the more commonly used “thx”.

For instance, if your friend Jack helps you out with your computer issues, you might text him Tnx as a quick way to show your appreciation. Or, if someone on a social media platform provides you with a solution for a problem you’ve been having, you might respond with a Tnx to show your gratitude.

It’s just one of many abbreviations used to express thankfulness. Others include thx, tx, TY, 10x, TIA, and TQVM.

Example for using ‘Tnx’ in a conversation

Hey, can you grab me a coffee on your way?

Sure, tnx! I’ll get you one.

Awesome, tnx a lot!

No problem, always happy to help!