What does Touron mean?

A tourist acting foolishly

A ‘Touron’, in simple terms, is a tourist who accidentally behaves in an annoying or foolish manner. It’s a term often used by locals in popular holiday destinations to describe these tourists.

Examples of what a ‘touron’ might do include unintentionally saying something offensive in either English or the local language. They might also make poor choices out of excitement while exploring, like getting too close to a wild animal in a national park for a photo, or causing danger to others on the road while navigating to a dining place.

The word ‘touron’ is believed to have been first used around the year 1987. It was mentioned in an article published by The Washington Post on September 20th of that year. The term ‘touron’ is a blend of the words ‘tourist’ and ‘moron’.

Example for using ‘Touron’ in a conversation

Hey, remember that time we went to Yellowstone and saw those bison?

Oh yeah, how could I forget? That’s when we witnessed a total touron moment!

Haha, definitely! It was crazy how that person decided to walk up to a bison for a photo.

I know, right? Talk about endangering themselves and others. Such a touron move.