Turn Up

What does Turn Up mean?

To go wild

When someone says they’re about to ‘Turn Up’, it means things are about to get wild, crazy, or might even spiral out of control. This phrase can be used in both positive and negative contexts.

For instance, if a party is just starting to get on fire, people might use ‘Turn Up’ to indicate that the party is about to hit its peak. This is the good or exciting kind of ‘Turn Up’.

On the other hand, if a situation is getting tense and a fight seems imminent, ‘Turn Up’ can be used to signal that things might soon turn ugly. This is the bad or alarming kind of ‘Turn Up’.

So, the next time you hear someone say ‘Turn Up’, pay close attention to the context. It’s a versatile phrase that can really alter the mood depending on how it’s used.

Example for using ‘Turn Up’ in a conversation

Hey, heard about the party at Jake’s place tonight?

Yeah, I heard it’s gonna be wild.

Totally! We’re about to turn up!

Can’t wait, let’s bring the house down!