What does Twinking mean in MMORPGs?

Giving high-level items to a character that is at a low-level is called ‘Twinking’

Twinking is a common practice in online multiplayer games, specifically MMORPGs. It involves a high-level player providing a low-level player with powerful gear and items. This action transforms the low-level player, or “noob,” into a “twink.”

Often, twinking is seen when a seasoned gamer shares high-end gear with their beginner friends. This helps the new players to have a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. Also, it’s not uncommon for advanced players to twink their secondary characters, or “alts,” by transferring items from their primary character.

However, not everyone views twinking in a positive light. Some gamers feel it allows new characters to unfairly gain strength and power early in the game. This is especially true in Player versus Player (PvP) games where characters of the same level could have vastly different power levels due to twinking.

Example for using ‘Twinking’ in a conversation

Hey, I just started playing this new MMORPG!

That’s awesome! Do you need any help?

Actually, I’m struggling a bit with my low-level character.

No worries, I can give you some high-level items to make it easier. It’s called ‘Twinking’.