What does Txt mean?


‘Txt’ is a shortened form of the word ‘text’ that people often use when sending messages online or via text. It’s a versatile term that can be used as both a noun and a verb. For example, someone might ask, “Did you see my txt?” or tell someone else, “Don’t txt during dinner.”

The usage of ‘txt’ isn’t limited to just messages, it’s also common on social media platforms and online forums. Suppose, you could tell your buddy, “Txt me your cousin’s number, I want to invite him to the party.” Or you might post on Instagram, “Seems like all teenagers do these days is txt.”

Another meaning of ‘txt’ is known amongst tech-savvy people. It’s used as a file extension for plain text files, like .txt. So, if you’re into computers, ‘txt’ might mean something different to you.

Example for using ‘Txt’ in a conversation

Hey! Did you get my txt from yesterday?

Yeah, I got it! Sorry, I forgot to reply. What’s up?

No worries! Just wanted to remind you about the party tomorrow. Are you coming?

Oh right, I totally forgot about that! Yeah, count me in. Thanks for the txt!