What does Viner mean?

A person who uses Vine

A Viner is someone who is active on Vine, a platform solely dedicated to video sharing. This isn’t your typical video sharing though, as Vine specializes in videos that are only six seconds long, aptly named vines.

These bite-sized videos are used for a variety of purposes. A majority of Viners use their platform to share snippets of humor, turning ordinary moments into something to laugh about. However, it’s not all jokes and gags. Some Viners use their platform to share beautiful snippets of nature, or to highlight interesting people they’ve met.

So, whether you’re into comedy, nature, or just interested in what others are up to, being a Viner means you’re part of a community that shares life’s moments in a unique and compact format.

Example for using ‘Viner’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that hilarious video on Vine?

Yeah, I love vines! They always make me laugh πŸ˜‚

Me too! I follow this amazing Viner who posts the funniest stuff.

Oh, really? What’s their username? I need more funny vines in my life!