What does Wino mean?

A person who often drinks too much wine

A wino is someone who often drinks too much alcohol, especially cheap wine. It’s a common term used in the United States, with the last Census even showing that almost every family has at least one relative who could be called a wino.

Winos come in all forms. Some might be loud and difficult to understand because of their heavy drinking. Others, however, may have developed a high tolerance to alcohol and can still behave like a regular person.

If you’ve ever spent time in a city at night, you’ve probably seen a wino. They could appear homeless or lost, wandering the streets with a bottle in hand. Remember, a wino is more than just a casual drinker – it’s someone who frequently drinks excessive amounts of alcohol.

Example for using ‘Wino’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that guy stumbling around the park yesterday?

Yeah, I saw him! He was definitely a wino.

Haha, for sure! He couldn’t even walk straight.

I know, right? It’s sad to see people like that.