What does Worldie mean?

Worldie means Amazing

Worldie is a popular slang term, often used as a superlative to describe anything or anyone that’s absolutely outstanding or impressively amazing. It has its roots in the phrase “out of this world” or “other-worldly,” suggesting something or someone so awesome, they seem to be from another universe.

It’s a common phrase among UK soccer enthusiasts who use it to talk about a spectacular goal. But it’s not just limited to sports context, you can use it in everyday conversations too. For instance, if you see an incredibly beautiful woman at a coffee shop, you might say to your buddy, “Wow, I just saw a worldie at Starbucks.”

So, next time when you come across something extraordinary, don’t hesitate to use the term ‘Worldie’. It’s a cool way to express your awe and admiration. Just remember, it’s all about expressing the feeling that something or someone is so remarkable, it’s as if they’re from a different world.

Example for using ‘Worldie’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that goal in the game last night? It was a worldie! 🚀⚽️

Yes! I couldn’t believe it! That shot was out of this world! 🤯🔥

Right? It was absolutely amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it! 🙌😮

Totally! That goal was pure magic! It’s definitely going down in history! ⚡️🏆