What does Woz mean?


Ever heard someone say ‘Woz’ and wondered what it means? Well, it’s just a cool and simple way of saying “worry”. So next time you hear it, you don’t have to woz about not understanding it.

Let’s say your friend Alex seems stressed, you could tell him that he’s wozzed. It’s just your way of acknowledging that he’s worried about something.

And hey, if Alex is wozzed, you could tell him to chillax. This is another slang term that means to relax and chill out. So, it’s like you’re telling him not to woz and to just take it easy.

Most times, what people woz about is NBD (No Big Deal). And usually, things turn out aight (alright) in the end. So, don’t woz, be happy!

Example for using ‘Woz’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the exam next week?

Yeah, I did. But don’t woz, we got this! 😎

I’m so nervous though. What if I fail?

Nah, NBD! You’ve studied hard. Everything will turn out aight. 🀞