What does Xfer mean?


If you see ‘Xfer’ being used, it’s basically a short way of saying transfer. This term is most commonly used when talking about moving files from one place to another.

A perfect example of where you might see ‘Xfer’ used is in the world of peer-to-peer file sharing. If someone tells you they’re going to ‘Xfer’ a file, it means they’re going to send it to you.

So, next time you see ‘Xfer’, you’ll know exactly what it means – someone is planning to transfer a file!

Example for using ‘Xfer’ in a conversation

Hey, can you Xfer that song to me? 🎡

Sure, I’ll send it right over! πŸ“²

Thanks! I’ve been wanting to listen to it. 🎧

No problem at all. Enjoy! 🎢