What does Yassify mean?

To enhance with a glamorous look

Yassify is a trendy slang term that describes the process of giving someone a glamorous makeover or a ‘glow up’, especially a renowned personality. This transformation, or ‘yassification’, often surfaces as a meme on various social media platforms, showcasing the individual in a more glamorous and striking way – think elaborate hairstyles, fuller lips, defined cheekbones, and dramatic, smoky eyes.

The term gained significant traction in November 2021 when an art student by the name of Boston Smith, running the handle @YassifyBot, started posting images of yassified celebrities, including political figures and Hollywood stars. It quickly caught the public’s attention and soon became a viral sensation.

The origins of the term Yassify can be traced back to the slang ‘yasss’, rooted deep in queer drag culture. The idea behind yassifying someone is to give them such an amazing transformation or ‘glow up’ that it elicits a response of “Yasss!” in admiration and approval.

Although ‘yassify’ is typically used in reference to enhancing a person’s physical appearance, it can also be used in a broader context to signify any form of improvement or enhancement. For instance, one could say, “She yassified the presentation, making it much more engaging and effective.”

Example for using ‘Yassify’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the latest meme of Beyoncé?

No, what’s it about?

She got yassified! The meme shows her with a stunning makeover, like a total queen 👑

Oh, that sounds amazing! I love when they yassify celebrities. It’s so fun to see their glamorous transformations. 💄✨