What does YBS stand for?

You’ll be sorry

If someone messages you YBS, they are basically warning you that you’re going to regret what you’re about to do. The acronym stands for “You’ll Be Sorry”.

Often, this term is used by those who don’t wish well for you. It could be your haters, fake friends, or even people who are trying to scare or irritate you online. They use YBS to try and stop you from doing something that they don’t like.

YBS is used as a tactic to make you rethink your actions. The sender is hoping that you’ll fear the possibility of regret and change your mind. But whether or not you let their opinion sway you is entirely up to you.

Example for using ‘YBS’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m thinking of quitting my job and starting my own business! πŸš€

YBS! You’ll regret leaving a stable job. πŸ˜’