What does 4q mean?

F*** you

4q is a slang term that’s a sneaky way to type a rude insult without using the actual “F” word. It’s a favorite when you need to vent your anger or annoyance at someone, but want to keep it somewhat clean.

Typically, it’s a handy tool for expressing your frustration in a more socially acceptable way, especially online. It’s a secret code of sorts, understood by those who know, but confusing to those who don’t.

Remember, though, that while it might seem clever, 4q is still offensive to some. Therefore, it’s best to use it sparingly and only when you’re sure the recipient will understand and not be upset by it.

Example for using ‘4q’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear what John did?

No, what happened?

He borrowed my car without asking!

What?! That’s not cool. Did you confront him?

Yeah, I texted him saying ‘4q’.

Haha, good one. Hope he gets the message!