What does 4WD mean?

Four-wheel drive

When browsing through car and truck websites, you might come across the term ‘4WD’. This is an acronym that stands for ‘Four Wheel Drive’. It’s a term used to describe a specific type of vehicle, usually a truck or a car, that is powered in such a way that it can rotate all four wheels simultaneously.

In a 4WD vehicle, the engine is designed to distribute power evenly to the front and rear axles. This allows for all four wheels to spin at the same time. This feature is particularly useful for off-road driving and in conditions where traction might be compromised, such as in snow or mud.

So, next time you see ‘4WD’ in a vehicle description, you’ll know that it’s referring to the vehicle’s ability to power all four wheels at the same time. It’s a common feature in trucks, SUVs, and other off-road vehicles.

Example for using ‘4WD’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m thinking of buying a new truck. What do you recommend?

Definitely go for a 4WD!

What’s a 4WD?

It stands for four-wheel drive. It means the engine can turn all four wheels at the same time. Perfect for off-roading!