What does BGF stand for?

Best guy friend

When you see BGF popping up in texts or on social media, it’s a term girls use to talk about their closest male friend. It’s a special kind of friendship that is often only friendly and non-romantic. However, there are times when a BGF can turn into more than just a friend.

BGFs are typically the supportive, protective, and fun guys in a girl’s life. It’s not easy to have a BGF because the possibility of romantic feelings can complicate the friendship. Yet, when a BGF works out, it’s a unique bond that’s cherished.

On the spectrum of female friend zones and brother zones, BGFs usually sit somewhere in the middle. This means that if a BGF catches feelings for his female friend (think Ted from How I Met Your Mother), it’s not going to be simple to switch gears (unless she also has feelings for him, like Robin from How I Met Your Mother).

Example for using ‘BGF’ in a conversation

Hey! Guess what?

What’s up?

I just met this amazing guy at the party last night.

Oh, really? Tell me more!

Well, we hit it off right away. He’s funny, caring, and such a good listener.

Sounds like you’ve found yourself a BGF!

Haha, yeah! He’s definitely my best guy friend now.