What does Bloop mean in Baseball?

Fly ball that is hit weakly is called ‘Bloop’

In baseball lingo, ‘Bloop’ is a term that defines a fly ball which is hit weakly. This kind of hit lands in the outfield, falling in the space between the infielder and outfielder.

This term is often used in contrast to a line drive, where the ball is hit with greater force. The key difference lies in the strength of the hit. A ‘Bloop’ is a weaker hit that still manages to land as a hit, often to the pitcher’s annoyance.

The term can also appear as a ‘bloop single’. This is when the ball is not hit well off the pitch but still manages to become a hit. It’s a classic example of a frustrating situation for a pitcher, as the hitter didn’t hit the pitch effectively, yet got a hit.

Example for using ‘Bloop’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that bloop single in the game last night?

Yeah, the batter didn’t hit it well, but it still dropped in between the infielder and outfielder.

Exactly! It’s so frustrating for the pitcher when that happens.

Definitely! It’s like the hitter got lucky with that weakly hit fly ball.