What does CRB stand for in online chat?

Come right back

When you’re chatting online, you might come across the term CRB. This often stands for “come right back”. People use it to tell others that they’re going away from their keyboard for a bit, but they’ll be right back soon.

At times, you might see this acronym being used in a different context. For instance, if a friend named Tim announces he’s taking a break from a game of Fortnite to grab a snack, his teammates might respond with “Ok, but CRB!”. This is a way of urging Tim to return to the game as soon as possible.

So, when you see CRB during an online chat or game, it usually means someone is stepping away for a moment but plans to return quickly. Or, it’s a friendly nudge for someone to hurry back to the conversation or game.

Example for using ‘CRB’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m gonna grab a quick snack. CRB! πŸ”

No problem! Enjoy your food! CRB too! πŸ•

Thanks! Be right back! 😊

Take your time! I’ll be here. ⏳