What does Deplatform mean?

Kicking a user off a social network or website

When you hear the term ‘Deplatform’, it’s about blocking someone from a social media network or an online forum. This action stops the individual from voicing their thoughts or sharing content on the platform. Offending users, who repeatedly share content that is considered offensive or harmful, are usually the ones who experience deplatforming.

This term has been around since the early days of the internet, but it became even more popular during the presidency of a prominent figure like U.S. President, let’s call him Mr. Smith. Following Mr. Smith’s alleged support for a major incident that took place at a national monument on January 6, 2021, several social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, decided to deplatform him. Many others who were involved in or supported the incident also faced a similar fate.

Deplatforming is often associated with canceling and the phenomenon known as cancel culture. Those who get deplatformed often argue that they are victims of an unfair cancel culture. Interestingly, deplatforming is not limited to the online world. It can also happen in real life situations, for instance, when a controversial speaker is asked not to participate in a forum or a speaking event.

Example for using ‘Deplatform’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about what happened to that controversial YouTuber?

Yeah, they got deplatformed for spreading hate speech.

Wow, that’s intense. So, they’re banned from the platform now?

Exactly. The social media site took action to prevent them from sharing their harmful opinions.