What does DITG stand for?

Down in the gutter

If you’re really feeling low, you might say you’re “DITG”, a shorthand for “down in the gutter.” This slang is often used on the internet, in texts or on social media platforms.

Gutters are known for collecting waste, so when you say you’re down in the gutter, it means you’re not in a great state of mind. You might be feeling this way because of a bad day, like getting fired from work or breaking up with someone.

Feeling DITG can lead to various negative effects, like changes in your eating and sleeping habits, and a sense of feeling worthless. It’s crucial to seek support from your loved ones if you’re feeling this way and to be open about your emotions.

Example for using ‘DITG’ in a conversation

Hey, how’s it going?

Not so great, I’m feeling DITG πŸ˜”

Aww, what happened?

I got laid off from my job today. It’s such a bummer.