What does FAF mean?

Funny as f***

When a joke or something amusing cracks you up, you might say it’s “FAF”. Let’s say you share a video of a stand-up comedian’s routine with your buddy. They might hit you back with a message saying, “That’s FAF. So true!”

You’re most likely to see ‘FAF’ being used in texts or on social media platforms such as TikTok or Twitter. For instance, you might share a funny TikTok video about the typical dad fashion, and someone might comment, “That’s my dad to a T. FAF.”

Keep in mind, the second “F” in ‘FAF’ stands for a crude word. So, it’s a good idea to think twice before sending it to someone who might not appreciate the humor. If you’d rather play it safe, try using other common acronyms like ROFL or BAGL, or even the old faithful LOL and haha.

Example for using ‘FAF’ in a conversation

Hey, check out this video of a cat trying to fit into a tiny box. It’s hilarious!

Haha, that’s FAF! Cats always think they can fit anywhere.

I know, right? It’s so funny to watch them struggle.

Absolutely! FAF videos like this always brighten up my day.