What does FC stand for?

Fingers crossed

When you see ‘FC’ in a conversation, it’s a quick way of saying ‘fingers crossed’. People use it when they’re hoping for a positive outcome or good luck with something.

But that’s not the only meaning. Sometimes, people use ‘FC’ when they’re being a bit sneaky or dishonest. It’s like a secret code for telling lies.

So next time when Sarah sends you a message saying ‘FC‘, she might be hoping for some good news. Or perhaps, she’s not being entirely truthful. It’s all about the context!

Example for using ‘FC’ in a conversation

Hey, I have a job interview tomorrow. FC 🀞

Good luck! FC for you too 🀞

Thanks! I really hope I get the job. FC it all goes well 🀞

I’m sure you’ll do great! FC for you 🀞