What does Fire mean?


When someone says ‘Fire’, they mean something is really cool or awesome. It’s like giving a big thumbs up to that thing or person. This slang is often used on social platforms to comment on a post or a picture.

If you see ‘Fire’ being used to describe a person, especially a woman, it usually means she looks hot or attractive. It’s a trendy way of complimenting someone’s looks or style.

The slang ‘Fire’ is often paired with a fire emoji. So, if you see a fire emoji in a comment, it’s another way of saying ‘Fire’. It’s a visual representation of the slang term.

Remember, ‘Fire’ is all about expressing enthusiasm, approval and admiration. So, if someone says your new outfit is ‘Fire’, they’re saying it’s really amazing and suits you very well.

Example for using ‘Fire’ in a conversation

Hey, I just saw your new profile picture. πŸ”₯

Thanks! I finally got that new haircut. 😊

It looks fire on you! πŸ”₯

Aw, thank you! You’re too kind. πŸ˜„