What does Flamer mean?

An individual who irritates other users on the internet

A flamer is a person that thrives on stirring up trouble online. They do this by intentionally riling up other internet users, often through using offensive language and insults. This behavior can be seen across various platforms, from gaming to online forums and chats.

Their main motive is to make people angry and frustrated. This is done by targeting individuals who are passionate about sensitive topics such as politics or religion. Flamers will make inflammatory remarks to provoke a reaction from these individuals.

They share similarities with trolls and griefers in the online world. Both enjoy causing unrest and annoyance among other users for their own enjoyment. A seasoned flamer has the ability to cause significant disruption in online communities by poking at people’s sensitive spots.

Example for using ‘Flamer’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that argument in the gaming forum?

Yeah, it got really intense! There was this flamer who started insulting everyone.

Ugh, I hate when people do that. They ruin the whole conversation.

I know, right? This flamer was targeting people’s skills and just trying to make them angry.