What does FNG stand for?

Flippin’ new guy

FNG, an acronym that stands for “flippin’ new guy”, has its roots in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. It was a term used by existing army units to label the new recruits who were freshly arrived from the United States and hadn’t yet faced the harsh realities of field conditions or combat.

These newbies, or FNGs, were often not immediately accepted by their units. They had to prove their worth and show that they were not a liability before being fully integrated into the unit.

Today, the term FNG is still in use not just in the military, but also in law enforcement and other professions where teamwork is paramount. If you’ve been called an FNG in these fields, it essentially means that you’re the new person who still needs to earn the respect of your colleagues.

Example for using ‘FNG’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new guy in our department?

Yeah, the FNG, right? I heard he just started last week.

That’s right. Have you had a chance to work with him yet?

Not yet, but I’ve seen him around. He seems a bit lost, poor FNG.