Swipe Right

What does Swipe Right mean?

‘Swipe Right’ means ‘Approve’

Swiping right is a phrase that indicates approval or agreement. This slang term has its roots in the digital dating world, specifically from an application named Tinder, known for its unique user interaction method.

In Tinder, if you find a person attractive by looking at their profile, you ‘swipe right’ on your screen. This action signals your interest in that user. This unique user interaction was introduced to the world in 2012 when Tinder was launched.

A significant aspect of this interaction is when two users ‘swipe right’ on each other. This indicates a mutual attraction, and the app notifies both parties of this shared interest. This is referred to as a ‘match’ in Tinder’s terminology.

The term ‘swipe right’ has since been adopted outside of Tinder, signifying approval or agreement in a broader sense. For instance, if you concur on a place to have dinner or appreciate a particular car model, you might say you ‘swipe right’ on it.

Example for using ‘Swipe Right’ in a conversation

Hey, have you tried the new sushi place in town?

No, not yet. Is it any good?

Oh yeah, it’s amazing! The food is so fresh and delicious. Swipe right on that place for sure! 🍣

Awesome, I’ll definitely check it out then! Thanks for the recommendation!