What does GOW stand for in gaming?

God of War

When you come across the term GOW in the world of PlayStation gaming, it’s referring to the popular franchise God of War. This exciting action-adventure set of games is centered on the adventures of a Spartan warrior.

The main guy in GOW is a guy named Kratos. Now, this isn’t your average everyday warrior. Kratos takes down Ares and steps into his shoes as the new Greek God of War. Talk about a promotion!

It all started back in 2005 when Sony launched the first GOW game for the PS2. Since then, the series has grown with several sequels and tie-ins across different forms of media.

Each game in the series presents a new challenge for our hero, Kratos. He faces off against a series of new gods in every game, showing that his thirst for battle is never quite quenched.

Example for using ‘GOW’ in a conversation

Hey, have you played GOW yet? 🎮

Yeah, it’s amazing! Kratos is such a badass! 🔥

I know, right? I love the intense action and epic battles! 💥

Totally! Plus, the storyline is so gripping. Can’t wait for the next installment! 🙌