What does GTFOOH stand for?

Get the f*** out of here

GTFOOH is a pretty intense way of telling someone that you want them to go away. It’s often used when someone is really annoyed, like when an irritating internet troll won’t stop bothering them, but sometimes people use it in a more light-hearted way, like when a friend says something ridiculous in a group chat.

Most of the time, people use GTFOOH when they’re chatting online, playing video games, or sending texts. Even though it’s usually used to tell someone to get out of a digital conversation, it can also be used to tell someone to leave a physical place, like a room or a building.

There are a few different versions of GTFOOH that you might come across, like GTFOH, GTFO, and FOH. Just a heads up, because the “F” stands for a curse word, this slang might be a bit too strong for some people and can come off as rude or offensive.

Example for using ‘GTFOOH’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that comment on my post?

Yeah, some random person was being really rude.

I know, right? They just kept insulting everyone.

I tried to ignore them, but they wouldn’t stop.

I finally told them to GTFOOH.

Haha, good one! They definitely deserved it.