What does Hack mean?

To alter something

Hack is a term linked to alterations made to computer systems, including hardware, software, or even video games. It’s often tied to unlawful activities such as breaching into a computer system, network, or software. In this context, the term carries a negative connotation.

When applied to the video gaming world, hacking refers to the act of cheating in a game to get an upper hand. It’s about bending the game’s rules to your advantage, even though it’s considered poor sportsmanship. However, this type of hacking is not viewed as seriously as hacking into computer systems.

Example for using ‘Hack’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that computer hack?

Yeah, I heard someone illegally broke into a company’s network!

Exactly! It’s so negative and illegal to hack into someone’s system.

Definitely. Hacking a computer is a serious offense.