What does Hangry mean?

Feeling angry because you’re hungry

Feeling a bit snappy when you haven’t eaten? That’s what we call hangry. It’s a blend of the words “hungry” and “angry.”

If you stumble upon a hangry individual, tread lightly. Their mood is likely less than pleasant, and their thinking might not be as clear as it normally is.

Offering them some food might be the best approach. Trying to have a rational conversation with a hangry person can be challenging. After all, it’s hard to think straight when your stomach is growling!

Example for using ‘Hangry’ in a conversation

Ugh, I’m so hangry right now 😑

Oh no! What happened?

I haven’t eaten anything all day and I’m getting really cranky 😫

Hang on, I’ll grab you a snack. Don’t want you to turn into a monster! 🍫