What does HCIT stand for?

How cool is that

Ever received a text or message that was followed by the acronym HCIT? It’s a way for the sender to express their excitement or admiration about the content they just shared with you. Essentially, HCIT stands for “how cool is that”.

This slang is often used when someone thinks that the photo, video, or message they sent is particularly awesome. Sending HCIT is basically their way of saying they believe what they’ve shared is really neat or impressive.

While HCIT is typically used as a rhetorical question – a question that doesn’t require an answer, it’s perfectly okay to respond if you want to. Some people might actually like to hear that you also find whatever they sent to be cool.

Example for using ‘HCIT’ in a conversation

Hey, check out this hilarious cat video I found! 🐱🤣

HCIT! That cat’s got some serious moves! 🙌🔥