What does HLBD stand for?

Happy late birthday

If you’ve ever got a text the day after your birthday saying ‘HLBD’, you might have wondered what it means. Well, ‘HLBD’ is short for “Happy Late Birthday”. It’s the go-to phrase for those buddies and relatives who have somehow missed your special day and are now trying to make amends.

Most folks who receive an ‘HLBD’ message would be kind enough to respond with a simple ‘thank you’. Different forms of ‘thank you’ in text language include TY, thx, or TYVM. After all, isn’t it sweet that they remembered your birthday, even if it was a bit late?

However, not everyone takes ‘HLBD’ in stride. Some might choose to ignore, or ghost, the late birthday wisher. Others might reply with a snarky acronym of their own. It all depends on how the birthday person feels about the belated birthday wish.

Example for using ‘HLBD’ in a conversation

Hey, sorry I forgot to wish you on your birthday yesterday! πŸŽ‰

No worries! Thanks for remembering today though. HLBD! πŸŽ‚

TY! Better late than never, right? πŸ˜…

Absolutely! I appreciate the thought. Thanks again! 😊