What does Inb4 mean?

In before

Internet users, especially on forums, use Inb4 (short for ‘in before’) to point out answers or outcomes that are highly predictable. For example, if someone asked, “Who is the least interesting superhero?”, a user might reply with “inb4 Batman”, implying that Batman is often seen as a dull or predictable choice.

Typically, Inb4 is used at the start of brief remarks that a user wants to put forward before someone else comes up with the same idea. With Inb4, users can quickly highlight the right solution or preempt others from providing a predictable response without much thought.

So that’s it! The next time you see Inb4 on a forum or social media, you’ll know that the user is trying to beat others to a common or expected response.

Example for using ‘Inb4’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the new Marvel movie?

inb4 Iron Man saves the day again! πŸ™„