What does Mod mean in gaming?


In the world of video games, a mod is a piece that’s been created by a player to change some aspect of the game. Whether it’s to improve the visuals, beef up the user interface, or add new content like characters, missions, or weapons, mods are typically found online and installed into the game.

Take the game Skyrim for example, where players have churned out countless mods. These can do anything from sprucing up the game’s interface to completely changing the game physics.

Other games that see a lot of modding activity include the likes of Minecraft (also known as MC), Half-Life (known as HL), Grand Theft Auto (or GTA), the Civilization series, and Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF). These games have all had players modify their experience through the use of mods.

Example for using ‘Mod’ in a conversation

Hey, have you played Skyrim recently?

Yeah, I’ve been playing it a lot lately! Why?

I just discovered some awesome mods for the game!

Oh, really? What kind of mods are they?