What does OTTH stand for?

On the third hand

While chatting, sometimes people throw in the term “OTTH”. It’s a way of introducing a different viewpoint, especially after mentioning OTOH (On The Other Hand). For example, if you’re talking about holiday destinations, you might comment, “OTTH, Spain would be lovely around this time.”

OTTH is not a very common term though. You see, the joke here is that most of us don’t have three hands. This makes the phrase a bit of an oddity and not too common in text or online chats, even though you might hear it in casual conversation.

Example for using ‘OTTH’ in a conversation

OTTH, I think we should go to the beach for our vacation. It’s so relaxing there. πŸ–οΈ

I agree, the beach sounds amazing. But OTTH, I’ve heard that Mexico is very nice this time of year. 🌴

Yeah, I’ve heard that too. OTTH, I love the beach vibes and the warm weather. 🌞

Exactly! OTTH, Mexico offers beautiful beaches and a chance to experience a different culture. 🌊