What does TTBOMK stand for?

To the best of my knowledge

TTBOMK is a slang term that stands for “to the best of my knowledge”. It’s an acronym used in casual conversation, especially online, and it’s similar to AFAIK, another commonly used acronym.

When someone uses TTBOMK before a statement, they’re saying they’re not 100% certain about the information they’re sharing. It’s a way to express that they might not remember everything perfectly, but they’re sharing what they believe to be true.

For instance, if your buddy Steve who hasn’t thought about his high school Geography classes in a long time tells you, “TTBOMK, the distance from Earth to the Moon is approximately 238,855 miles,” he’s admitting that he might not have the exact number right. But he’s pretty sure that’s the correct ballpark. (And in this case, Steve’s memory is spot on.)

Example for using ‘TTBOMK’ in a conversation

Hey, do you know when the concert starts tonight?

TTBOMK, it should begin around 8 PM.

Thanks! I’ll make sure to be there on time.