What does Permabanned mean?

Banned forever

When a user gets permabanned, it means they’ve been banned forever from an online chat channel. This is usually the result of the user posting inappropriate or offensive comments that go against the channel’s rules. For instance, they might have been excessively using all caps, which is often viewed as digital shouting.

The term permabanned is a shortened form of ‘permanently banned.’ It’s used in online communities to inform or warn members about the consequences of breaking the rules. Once a user is permabanned, they can’t participate in the chat channel ever again.

So, remember to follow online etiquette and the specified rules of the chat channel you are participating in. This way, you can avoid getting permabanned and continue being a part of your favorite online communities.

Example for using ‘Permabanned’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen Steve in the chat lately?

No, he got permabanned 🚫

What?! Why?

He kept spamming the chat with all caps 😑