What does Plox mean?

‘Plox’ is slang for ‘Please’

Plox is a fun way to say “please”. This slang term comes from the popular abbreviation “plz”, and is often used in online texting, messaging, and gaming.

Originally, plox was used by online gamers with a touch of sarcasm. For instance, a gamer might say, “I need some backup. Plox, I can’t do this without you.”

But it’s not just gamers who use this term. Anyone might use plox to politely ask for a favor or help. For instance, a friend might message you saying, “Drop by after 9, plox. I don’t want my folks to catch wind of our small party.”

Example for using ‘Plox’ in a conversation

Hey, can you grab me a coffee on your way to work? Plox β˜•οΈ

Sure, I’ll get you one. Anything else? πŸ€”

Nah, just the coffee. Thanks a bunch! πŸ˜„

No problem! I’ll see you at the office. β˜•οΈπŸ‘