What does Prof mean?

Prof stands for Professor

Prof is slang often used by college students to refer to their teachers, more specifically, their professors. It’s a shortened version of the word “professor”. So, when a student is excitedly talking about a class they’re enjoying, they might say, “I’m loving this class, the prof is absolutely amazing.”

It’s common to see the term prof used in text messages or social media posts. For instance, a student might text a friend to vent about a difficult class, saying, “This prof is so hard, I can’t keep up!” Or, you might notice a comment on a social media site about an inspiring art history prof.

Professors, or profs, usually have a Ph.D. and are employed by colleges or universities. But you might also hear the term prof used in some private schools. Even in fictional worlds, like the school of “Hogwarts” in the Harry Potter series, teachers are referred to as professors.

Example for using ‘Prof’ in a conversation

I’m so stressed about this upcoming exam!

Don’t worry, Prof Smith is really fair with grading. Just review your notes and you’ll do great! πŸ‘

Thanks! I’ll definitely study hard. Do you have any tips on how to prepare?

Make sure to attend Prof Johnson’s review session. They always give helpful hints and go over important topics. πŸ“š