What does PSP stand for?

PlayStation Portable

When you hear gamers mention the term PSP, they are talking about the PlayStation Portable. This handheld gaming device was first introduced by Sony, as an answer to Nintendo’s popular Game Boy and Nintendo DS consoles.

Not only could the PSP be used for gaming, but it also had other multimedia functions. These included playing music, movies, and other types of digital content. To access these features, PSP owners could either download them directly from the Sony PlayStation store or buy them from physical stores.

The PSP had a good run of a decade before it was officially discontinued by Sony in 2014. The device that took its place was the PlayStation Vita. Interestingly, it didn’t get abbreviated to PSV, possibly to avoid mix-ups with the PlayStation 5, which was on the horizon.

Example for using ‘PSP’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new PSP?

Yeah, the PlayStation Portable, right? I used to love playing games on that!

Totally! It was so cool having a handheld console with great graphics.

And remember how you could also listen to music and watch movies on it?