What does Qultist mean?

Someone who follows QAnon

Individuals who follow and believe in the QAnon conspiracy theories are often called qultists. It’s a play on words, with ‘Q’ from QAnon and ‘cultist’, referring to the cult-like belief and behavior of the followers.

The theories of QAnon are a collection of conspiracy ideas that suggest a hidden group of elite power holders, worshipping Satan, control America. These theories also claim that this hidden group conspired against the 45th President during his term. The theories originated from an anonymous source known as ‘Q’, who started posting about these ideas on 4chan in October 2017.

As it evolved, QAnon has incorporated several sub-theories. However, the core belief of QAnon, about the secretive, powerful group, remains constant. Those who believe in these theories and act on them are typically referred to as qultists.

Majority of the qultists are from the right-wing or far-right groups in America, as they are more prone to believe in QAnon. Even some American politicians, such as Congressman John Doe (JD, a fictitious name used for example), who believe or claim to believe these theories, are often called qultists.

The phenomenon of qultists is not restricted to the United States. Countries like Japan have a significant number of people who believe in QAnon theories. These Japanese followers are sometimes referred to as JAnon.

Example for using ‘Qultist’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of QAnon?

Yeah, it’s that conspiracy theory, right?

Exactly! Well, people who believe in it are sometimes called qultists.

Qultists? That’s an interesting term. So it’s like a play on the word ‘cultist’?