What does ROFLOL stand for?

Rolling on the floor laughing out loud

ROFLOL is a slang term that combines two other slang terms: ROFL and LOL. It’s like a supercharged version of LOL, used when you’re laughing so hard, a simple LOL just won’t do. This term is perfect for those moments when you’re laughing out loud and also rolling on the floor with laughter.

It’s like a mashup of acronyms, a laughter behemoth if you will, used when you want to express intense amusement. And if you’re looking for ways to further express your laughter, you can add more to ROFL to create even more intense laughter expressions.

Remember, these slang terms are all about expressing your emotions in a fun, casual way. So next time when a simple LOL isn’t enough to convey your laughter, don’t hold back. Go ahead and use ROFLOL to show just how much you’re enjoying the moment.

Example for using ‘ROFLOL’ in a conversation

Friend: Did you see that video of the cat trying to catch a laser pointer?

Me: Yes! I was ROFL when I saw it!

Friend: Haha, me too! I was ROFLOL-ing for real!

Me: It was just too funny! πŸ˜‚