What does RUT stand for?

Are you there?

When someone shoots you a message with RUT, they’re actually asking, “are you there?” This typically happens during an online chat when you suddenly stop responding, and they’re left wondering whether you’re still there or not.

Receiving a RUT can be avoided by giving a heads up that you’re about to go away from your keyboard. This can be done by using slang terms such as BRB (be right back), BI5 (back in 5 minutes), BBIAB (be back in a bit), JAM (just a minute), or AFK (away from keyboard). These terms let the person you’re chatting with know that you’re going to step away for a while.

When you’re ready to jump back into the conversation, you can announce your return with BAK (back at keyboard) or BAC (back at computer). This way, they know you’re ready to continue the chat.

Example for using ‘RUT’ in a conversation

Hey! I’m back. Sorry for disappearing earlier.

RUT? I thought you left the chat.

No, just had to grab a quick snack. I’m here now.

Got it. Next time, let me know before you go AFK. 😊