What does Smurf mean in gaming?

Another account that a really good player uses

In the world of gaming, a smurf account is a secondary account that a high-skilled player creates. This account is usually at a lower level, and there are several reasons why players might create one.

Some experienced gamers create smurf accounts to play against beginners or players with less experience in online games like MOBAs or FPSes. But beware, this can be seen as a bad move by the gaming community and can even result in being banned from some games.

The term ‘smurf’ was first used by Warcraft II players, Mike “BigGameHunter” Smith and John “FastFingers” Miller. They were so skilled that other players would often quit the game when they saw their usernames. To avoid this, Smith and Miller created smurf accounts with names like BlueSmurf and PinkSmurf so they could play without being immediately recognized.

Interestingly, the use of ‘smurf’ isn’t limited to gaming alone. It’s also used to describe videos where someone who’s really good at something pretends to be bad at it for entertainment. These ‘IRL smurfing’ videos have become popular on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Reddit.

Example for using ‘Smurf’ in a conversation

Hey, are you up for some gaming tonight?

Sure, let’s do it! I just created a new smurf account.

Oh, nice! So you’re gonna show off your skills without getting recognized?

Exactly! It’s always fun to play against newbies without them knowing.