Snatched My Weave

What does Snatched My Weave mean?

Blew my mind

Ever come across the term ‘Snatched My Weave’ and wondered what it means? It’s a slang expression used when someone or something has greatly impressed you. It’s like saying you’re so amazed that it feels as if someone has ripped off your wig, leaving you surprised and astounded. ‘Snatched My Weave’ indicates a strong positive reaction to something.

Interestingly, the act of weave snatching is generally not a nice thing. It refers to the action of forcefully removing a woman’s wig, especially during a fight. However, the phrase ‘Snatched My Weave’ twists this negative action into a positive expression. It’s a modern way to say that something has ‘knocked your socks off’, an older phrase with a similar meaning.

The phrase started gaining traction in the latter part of 2015 and became more widespread throughout 2016. You may also see it written as ‘weave snatched’, which has the same meaning. So, next time you’re incredibly impressed by something, you know what slang term to use!

Example for using ‘Snatched My Weave’ in a conversation

OMG, have you seen the new Marvel movie?

Yes, girl! It totally snatched my weave! 🀩πŸ’₯

Right?! I was blown away by the action scenes.

I know, right? They really stepped it up this time!