What does Sneet mean?

Sneet is a mix of snow and sleet

Sneet is a term you’ll often hear when people are discussing weather that’s a messy mix of snow and sleet. It’s used to describe those frustrating times when the sky can’t decide whether to give us snow or sleet, so we end up with a bit of both.

This typically happens when the thermometer is sitting right around the freezing mark. The weather is just warm enough for the snow to melt into sleet, but just cold enough that it doesn’t turn completely into rain. So, we end up with sneet.

Sneet can pop up at any point during the winter season, but it’s most common at winter’s start and finish. That’s when temperatures are most likely to hover near that freeze/thaw line.

Not many folks are fans of sneet. It’s cold and wet, making it unpleasant to be out in. Even worse, it can create hazardous conditions for drivers, making the roads slippery and dangerous.

Example for using ‘Sneet’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the weather forecast for tomorrow?

No, what’s up?

They’re calling for sneet! 🌨️❄️

Sneet? What’s that?