What does Srry mean?

‘Srry’ is slang for ‘Sorry’

Srry is a quick way to say “sorry” in text messages or online chats. Instead of writing out the whole word, some people just drop the vowel to make it shorter.

For instance, if you’ve hurt your pal Jack’s feelings over the internet, you might type, “Srry for my words, Jack, I didn’t mean it.” Or, if you didn’t do well on a test, you could text your dad, “I’ll work harder next time, srry.”

If you’re not a fan of using srry, you’re in luck because there are loads of other shorter versions of “sorry” out there. Some of these include IMS, SBT, soz, and the more popular sry.

Example for using ‘Srry’ in a conversation

Hey, I heard you failed your test. 😞

Yeah, I did. Srry, I didn’t study enough. πŸ“š

It’s okay, we all have those days. Just study harder next time! πŸ’ͺ

Thanks! I’ll definitely try harder next time. Srry for disappointing you. πŸ˜”